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A plumbing emergency can occur at any time for a variety of reasons. Our trained staff has the tools and techniques that will be able to get you out of a jam efficiently. When you’re in need of emergency plumbing repair in Menifee, CA, ONE NATIONAL PLUMBING is ready to help! We have 24/7 availability for your convenience. Give us a call at 833-663-2447 to get repairs started!

Types of Plumbing Emergencies

There are many instances where you may find yourself in need of emergency plumbing repair. Essentially the piping of your property can be affected by age, wear of the pipe material, outside weather, pipe cleanliness and more! Yet even in the interior of your home, there are plumbing connections and water appliances that can become affected, here are some examples of how we may be able to help with your emergency plumbing repair in Menifee, CA.

If any conditions are causing fixtures of appliances to be inoperable or risks your safety, pause on use until a professional plumber arrives at your property to inspect your plumbing lines. However, if possible, certain scenarios that may call for emergency services may be able to be paused until help comes on the way.

Plumbing Scenarios

An overflowing toilet can by icky yet here are some things to try that may stop the flow of water. One thing to try is to shut off the water valve located at the water line on the side of the toilet. Turn this completely counterclockwise until you see the flow of water has stopped. A simple fix would then be to apply vertical pressure with a plunger to stall the flow or encourage a minor clog to continue down the pipes. More serious clogs, however, may require an auger to get the blockages out. Once the blockages have been removed however be sure to reset the gloat mechanism and turn on the water valve. With a stopped up sink drain you may be able to avoid blockages or build-up by avoiding allowing sticky items such as grease or coffee grounds down the drain. With a burst pipe be sure to shut off the water supply from the main water valve near the water meter so you can prevent water damages in your interior. The same could be done with a leaking pipe if from a crack. However, if the leak is not severe and you need your water, you may be able to attach waterproof tape or a rubber patch over the leak. If the leak is coming from a joint, you may be able to simply tighten the joint with a wrench. With a water heater malfunction, you could see a range of issues from leaks, strange noises coming from the heater, water that is a strange color or has a strange smell, as well as water that is too hot or cold. With odor problems, you may try slushing the tank, but with other issues, contacting a professional may be wiser in order to not risk water contamination or further damage.

If you are in a situation where you require emergency plumbing repair in Menifee, CA contact our helpful staff of professionals with ONE NATIONAL PLUMBING at any time!

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ONE NATIONAL PLUMBING is a plumbing company that is ready to assist you with your emergency plumbing repair in Menifee, CA! We have the techniques and protocol to assist you with any of your plumbing transgressions. Give us a call at 833-663-2447 at any time so you can get the process of repairs started!