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When your toilet isn’t operable, it can prove difficult to go about your day. If you have questions as to why your toilet is running or clogged give us call for toilet repair in Menifee, CA. ONE NATIONAL PLUMBING will be able to make the necessary adjustments and repairs in order to have your toilet ready for use once more. Our team is happy to assist you and are open to your questions. Call for more information at 833-663-2447 today.

Learn More About Your Toilet

Your toilet can become problematic over time and require toilet repair, therefore it’s important to get to know the parts of the unit to pinpoint where problems can arise. First, you have a bowl that rests on the floor and then there’s a tank which releases new water and gets rid of waste with each flush. More often then not, toilet repair will be made to the tank as this is where the main features of the fill valve (refill or ballcock) and flush valve are located. With the fill valve, the supply valve is opened when you flush than close automatically when it detects water levels rising to a set level in the tank. The flush valve, in turn, is the flapper that lifts with the handle in order to allow new water to escape from the tank and into the bowl. After the tank empties the flap will fall back down in order to allow the tank to refill with new water. There are other devices that assist these two mechanisms in their functions and your professional plumber will be able to determine where in the system problems are occurring when toilet repair is needed. Here are common toilet issues that may occur when you’re in need of toilet repair.

  • Running Toilet
  • Leaking
  • Trouble Flushing
  • Fills Slowly
  • The handle is Stuck or Loose
  • Is Noisy When Not in Use

When you’re in need of toilet repair in Menifee, CA our expert plumbers are equipped to assist you. For immediate help, we also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing repair for those cases where help is needed fast!

If you’re looking to install a new toilet consider such options as bidets, dual toilets and more which can be a great addition to bathrooms. You may be able to modify the height and shape for more comfort with options such as standard or comfort height. Consider your range of options with our team today!

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If you’re interested in a new toilet installation in Menifee, CA we are happy to help. ONE NATIONAL PLUMBING can provide you with various options that can make accessibility and use more fluid. Let’s see how we can be of service to you, give us a call at 833-663-2447 today!